This site has been compiled primarily* to help point disillusioned seekers who have a love for the truth to the only framework that makes sense of all that people encounter on a daily basis.

Above that, the worldview that makes sense of all of this also works to live your life by in a practical way, letting you experience life more abundantly in a way that gives glory to Him who meticulously designed everything to fit together. There is only one Way, one Truth, one Life.

* Topics that relate on some level to the worldview & way of life presented here may form the bulk of the site for some time until the ‘packaging & presentation’ of the core apologetics information intended to be hosted here has been completed. It is a vast topic and is rather time consuming to present accurately in concise & coherent form.

  1. January 29, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Greetigns my friend and thanks for connecting Imagebreakers. I enjoy your site and appreciate your passion for truth. and he who is the way the life and the truth
    The Lord bless you.

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